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How To Avoid Damaging Your Hired Residential Skip Bin

It is important that you don't neglect carefully reading and understanding all the terms and conditions of your residential skip bin hire contract. Most, if not all, hire companies, specify that you, as the hirer, are responsible for the theft of or damage to the skip bins while on hire. By signing the contract, you accept to pay the company to cover repair or replace

Two Tips for Those Who Are Prepping an Abandoned Building for Their Wedding

Buildings that have been abandoned, such as churches, mansions and castles, can serve as surprisingly romantic wedding venues. If you've decided to use a building like this for your wedding, you'll probably need to do quite a lot of prep work to make it safe and pretty for your event. Below are two tips that you should follow when you do this. Book a rubbish removal s

Green Waste Removal: A Guide

If you have been completing a landscaping job or conducting maintenance on your garden, you may be considering how best to dispose of your garden waste. One great option is hiring a green waste disposal service. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about green waste removal. What is green waste? Quite simply, green waste is any plant/organic waste which is

The Perils of Paper Piles: Why Stacks of Old Newspapers Are Dangerous

Do you have a habit of holding onto old newspapers and magazines? Or are you currently trying to convince someone you know to get rid of their paper stash? Then you should know that living amongst stacks of old papers and magazines is hazardous to your health in a number of ways. The following health risks will convince you or your friend or relative to throw away tho

Why Skip Bins Are the Best Way to Dispose of Your Garbage

Skip bins are potentially the most effective way of disposing of rubbish. This rental-based method ensures you do not have to purchase your own disposal bins and care for their maintenance. Instead, you can rent the bin at a fee from various skip bin hire services, and have it delivered to your preferred location. As opposed to traditional bins, skip bins can hold con