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The Perils of Paper Piles: Why Stacks of Old Newspapers Are Dangerous

Do you have a habit of holding onto old newspapers and magazines? Or are you currently trying to convince someone you know to get rid of their paper stash? Then you should know that living amongst stacks of old papers and magazines is hazardous to your health in a number of ways.

The following health risks will convince you or your friend or relative to throw away those old papers — hopefully!

They Can Cause Fires

After the recent and disastrous bushfires that swept through Australia, fire should be at the top of your concerns. And if your home is brimming with old newspapers and magazines, your home is a veritable pile of kindling. Fires can start in a number of ways, but without sufficient fuel, they burn themselves out.

But a stack or five of newspapers could cause a fire to spread throughout your home.

They Attract Mould

Mould loves to eat wood and woody products such as newspaper. If a room is filled with stacks of papers, the chances are good that the room is also murky, something that mould likes. Mould can spread through stacks of newspapers and each time you brush past those newspapers, you could be releasing thousands of mould spores into the air.

Mould causes allergic reactions in people with respiratory conditions like asthma and rhinitis.

They Obstruct During Emergencies

If a home is filled with stacks of old newspapers and magazines, what happens when there is an emergency? Those piles of old papers will become obstacles that could cost valuable time. During floods, fires and medical emergencies, stacks of newspapers can block escape routes and cost lives.

As such, consider at least relocating old newspapers to somewhere out of the way, such as your garage or shed. However, the best thing to do is to hire a waste removal service.

Hire a Waste Removal Service for Quick Disposal

How long have the newspapers sat untouched? Are they soggy and wet or dry and falling apart? Trying to get rid of piles of newspapers and magazines is a tough job that could take days if you are on your own. If you don't have time to spare, a rubbish removal service can do the job for you.

A professional waste removal service can bring in a team and clear out the newspapers and magazines for you. With the help of this service, you can get rid of papers and magazines in a single day, possibly much earlier. And in one fell swoop, your home will become a safer and roomier place to live.