Do you need to arrange a rubbish collection?

Questions to Ask Your Residential Rubbish Removal Company

Rubbish management is one of the essential tasks every homeowner needs to consider today to conserve the environment. This helps keep your home and yard clean throughout, regardless of the weather conditions. However, most people are too busy to handle such matters on their own, and that's where residential rubbish removal companies come in. These companies can handle different tasks, including electronic waste, general rubbish, green waste, and demolition rubbish removal. Usually, each type of waste is placed in a separate skip to make the disposal work easier.

The best way to find a rubbish removal service provider is to ask the right questions before signing up for their services. Outlined below are some essential queries you should ask.

Are you licensed?

The first and most important question you should ask the potential rubbish removal companies is about their licensing. Are they authorised by the local government to manage different forms of waste? Some companies may be licenced to collect and dispose of general, recyclable, electronic, hazardous, and construction waste, while others may specialise in one or two types. Request for a licensed copy to verify if they are authorised to handle the type of waste you'll be producing.

Can you offer customised service?

Working with a reliable rubbish removal company will give you peace of mind. Such a company will take your needs into consideration so they can offer a service that suits your lifestyle. This way, you will not be inconvenienced just to ensure your rubbish is disposed of. For instance, they should come to pick the waste at the agreed time, and if they can't make it, they should contact you to reschedule.

Where do you dispose of the rubbish?

This is a question most customers ignore because they think that they aren't responsible for the rubbish they generate. However, it's essential to make sure that the company you want to hire disposes of rubbish responsibly. This way, you will avoid paying unnecessary penalties that are often imposed on people who hire irresponsible rubbish removal companies.

Do you provide customer support?

Is it easy for you to contact your service provider when the need arises? Perhaps you want an extra skip bin, or you'd like to ask a particular question. The company you hire should be able to offer customer support you require when you need it. Also, they should respond quickly once you make a reasonable request. Reading customer reviews can help you understand how the company you'd like to hire responds to their customer's demands.