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7 of the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Skip Bin

When you have a large amount of residential waste to dispose of within a time limit, few services are as convenient as skip bin hire. But before you hire a skip bin, it helps to understand how skip bin hire works. With a better understanding of what skip bin hire entails, you can avoid making the following common mistakes.

1. Not Filling the Skip Bin on Time

If you make an agreement to have your skip bin filled by a certain time, you must stick to that timeframe. Skip bin services have a limited number of skip bins. As a result, if you take too long to fill your skip bin, your service will either take the bin away, empty it and prepare it for another booking or charge you for the extra time.

2. Mixing Waste in the Bin

You can't mix different types of waste in a skip bin. For instance, if you hire a skip bin for general household waste, such as furniture, clothing, old toys and books, you can't throw green waste or demolition waste into that skip bin.

3. Placing Prohibited Waste in the Bin

Be careful not to put prohibited waste into your skip bin. Prohibited items like old paint, oil, asbestos or batteries do not belong in a skip bin, and your skip bin provider will return your load to you if they discover these items in the skip bin. You might also need to pay additional charges to have a specialist remove them from the bin.

4. You Have No Way of Getting Heavy Items in the Bin

It's no good having a large skip bin for large items if you have no way of lifting those items into the skip bin. Ensure you have a plan in place to carry large items before you hire your skip bin; otherwise, a rubbish removal service might be a more suitable option.

5. You Get Your Dates Mixed Up

If you mix up your dates, you could end up paying for nothing. Your skip bin service is not responsible for your personal scheduling. Make sure you confirm and reconfirm your dates after you have booked your skip bin.

6. You Throw Something Valuable Out

When you have a lot of rubbish to dispose of, you might end up throwing out something valuable along with your junk. If your skip bin service has already taken the bin to the waste facility, you might not get a lost valuable back. Make a note of what you plan to throw away before you begin.

7. You Place the Bin in the Wrong Place

Be sure to discuss the position of your skip bin with your skip bin provider. If your skip bin ends up too far away from your home, you could end up injuring yourself or taking too long while disposing of rubbish.

If you plan to hire a skip bin in future, keep these issues in mind. Reach out to a residential skip bin hire service for more information.