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The Importance of Recycling

Most people must be aware of the negative effects of not recycling on the environment. Plastic items can take more than 1000 years to decompose, and even the plastic bags frequently used can take up to 20 years to degrade. Piles of plastic waste are regularly dumped into rivers and oceans, causing extensive damage. Toxins and chemicals released from plastic materials get released into soil and water and are consumed by wildlife. Plastic is not the only substance harming the environment. Other materials include glass, cardboard and aluminum. 

These are the reasons why more and more people are learning how to recycle and reuse these materials to avoid polluting the environment. 

Benefits of Recycling

One of the major benefits of recycling is a reduction in waste in landfills and incinerators. When this material is not recycled and incinerated, a huge amount of toxic fumes are released into the environment contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Another benefit is an increase in economic security as materials are sourced directly from the country. A number of jobs are also created as employees are required in every step of the recycling process; this also benefits the economy by reducing the unemployment rate. 

Here are the major steps in recycling:

1. Collection and sorting. In this step, all material to be recycled is collected. This is done using several methods, including drop-off centres, home collection and refund centres. All of the collected material is then sorted at a recovery facility. The materials are then cleaned and ready to be reused. 

2. Manufacturing. Many products are manufactured using recycled materials at manufacturing centres. These include paper towels, drink cans and common household items.

3. Purchasing. All this material is then purchased by consumers. It is important to support the recycling process by purchasing recycled materials. This in turn funds the recycling process and keeps it going. 

All of these benefits of recycling for both the environment and for the economy mean that there is no reason not to recycle. People should take steps to collect all household items that can be recycled. Research the closest recycling centre and find out whether there are any rubbish removal services in operation; these services make it easy to recycle as they come to clients' doorsteps and collect all material to be recycled at no extra cost. 

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